Invitation to Attend Ordinary General Assembly

The Board of Directors of SALAM INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED (Q.S.C.) is pleased to invite all shareholders to the Ordinary General Assembly, t o be held on Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 4:30pm, at the Multi Purpose Hall of the Gate Mall Doha Qatar to discuss the attached agenda.

In case the quorum is not met, second meeting will be held on Monday April 1, 2013 at 4:30pm at the Multi Purpose Hall of The Gate Mall Doha Qatar.

                                                                                                                                                                           Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chairman


Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly

  1. Hearing the Chairman’s statement and the report of the Board of Director on the company’s activities and the financial position for the financial year ended on 31/12/2012, and its future business plan.
  2. Hearing and approving the Auditors report on the company’s financial statement for the financial year ended on 31/12/2012
  3. Discussing and approving the Company’s Financial Position and Income Statement for the financial year ended on 31/12/2012
  4. Approving the BOD recommendation to distribution profit for the year ended on 31/12/2012
  5. Absolving the Board of Director from the responsibility for the financial year ended on 31/12/2012
  6. Appointing the external auditors for the financial year 2013 and determine the fees.

Renew the approval on the authorization of the Board of Directors, with regards to the disposition in real estate properties owned by the company and its subsidiaries, at all aspects of disposition including buying and selling, leasing and mortgage on these properties, applying to loans and issuing letters of guarantee and guarantees necessary to obtain banking facilities for the operation of the company and its subsidiaries and to finance future projects.

  1. Discuss governance annual report 2012
  2. Renew the approval on the joint venture projects with the sister company Salam Bounian and concluding loans with it and issuing letter of guarantee and necessary guarantees.



  1. In case a shareholder is unable to attend for any reason, another shareholder can be authorized to attend the meeting by proxy, using the form that can be obtained from the Investor’s Relations Department. The proxy should be in writing and specific, and in all circumstances, the number of shares held by a proxy should not exceed (5%) of the company’s shares (5.715.729).
  2. All shareholders are kindly requested to arrive venue at least one hour prior to the scheduled time.
  3. Representative of companies/entities must present an authorization letter to attend the meeting on behalf of their companies/entities.
  4. This invention is deemed to be lawfully declared to all shareholders without the need to send special inventions through mail. In implementation of the Law No. (28) for the year 2008 amending certain provisions of the Commercial Companies Law. Please bring proper identification to the meeting.

For further information please contact the Investor’s Relations Department on the following numbers: (00974) 44833542 – 44832913.