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SIIL completed a massive transformation program that moved it from being a family managed business to a listed public Qatari Shareholding Company

Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) is a leading conglomerate pursuing a highly focused approach of establishing, incorporating, acquiring, and owning enterprises. As an inheritor to a rich, over 60 year heritage, SIIL has enjoyed a track record of consistent entrepreneurship, innovation, performance, reliability and total customer satisfaction. Underpinning SIIL’s success is its many activities which are horizontally, vertically, and geographically diversified. 

SIIL specializes in five lines of business:

  • Contracting
  • Energy & Industry
  • Technology
  • Retail Distribution and Hospitality
  • Salam Bounian, real estate arm

SIIL owns and manages over thirty five business units.  SIIL operations are spread across Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and Lebanon. SIIL is currently focusing on expansions in the pan-Arab area. Building on the strength and growth dynamics of the region and combining its approach with international best practice management disciplines, SIIL is an organization possessing a regional expertise enhanced by local knowledge. 

SIIL completed a massive transformation program that moved it from being a family managed business to a listed public Qatari Shareholding Company. SIIL was established by Emiri Decree with a paid capital of Qatari Riyals 1,143,145,870 divided into 114,314,587 shares. These major long-term transformations reflect SIIL’s vision and include a series of projects covering corporate strategy and portfolio assessment, policies and procedures, IT strategy, ERP corporate implementation and corporate branding. 

The consolidated final accounts for the fiscal year ending on 31/12/2014 has shown net profits around QR 80.8 million. Deducting the negative minority rights, the rights of Salam International Investment Limited shareholders shall be QR 78.2 million. SIIL has made strategic & carefully planned investments in Qatar & the region, perfectly in line with the company’s philosophy of sustained profitable growth. One of the key profit generating streams for SIIL is the investment portfolio owned and managed by SIIL – based on a corporate investment strategy - where again multi-level protection is generated by the diversification of the type and geographical spread of shares, locally, regionally and internationally.

SIIL’s Investment portfolio is of two kinds, direct and indirect. The direct portfolio represents the strategic investments that Salam regularly makes by way of equity stakes in some promising companies in the region, thereby enabling it to have an influential role in the management of such companies through participation of SIIL’s top executives in their boards. The Indirect portfolio consists of the broad-based equity shares held by Salam in the local, regional, and international equity markets. 

Investments in real estate provide a solid asset base where, SIIL has adopted a conservative financial & investment policy in stating the company’s properties investment and fixed assets at cost value without revaluation, which strengthens the company in mitigating the negative effects of the real estate sector turmoil.

The force that propels SIIL forward is its people. The achievement of SIIL’s strategies can be directly attributed to the performance of the people who operate the company. It is the hardwork, commitment and dedication of Salam’s people that has resulted in consistent growth and success over 5 decades. Attracting, maintaining, developing and harnessing talent is one of the key objectives of SIIL’s corporate strategy. At SIIL, talent pool capabilities are defined through core competencies required to achieve the corporate strategy. SIIL’s expertise and knowledge in the different pillars of its businesses provides it with unique capabilities to participate in projects requiring all or part of its expertise to deliver key solutions in the economies in which SIIL operates.    

SIIL continuously seeks and nurtures alliances with reputable companies and individual investors with a view to become "one of the most successful diversified public-shareholding companies in the Middle East, an inspiring example for regional family groups.”

Chairman's Message

Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa

(Chairman & CEO)

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We are deeply committed to serving the communities we operate in, through structured initiatives.

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