Salam International reiterates its commitment to living out its vision to emerge as a company that preserves tradition and technology, whilst maintaining values and a modern outlook as it strives to enhance both the economy and community in the aim to move Qatar to greater heights.




Salam International signed a cooperation agreement with the Police Sports Federation (PSF). The agreement confirmed that SIIL will sponsor all PSF activities. Mr. Hussam Abu Issa expressed joy over this partnership and stressed SIIL’s responsibility for supporting the development of sports in Qatar. He praised the sports renaissance witnessed by Qatar in different fields through organizing continental and international sports activities. SIIL cooperation with PSF means also supporting the community in light of various PSF activities that raise huge interest throughout the season which reflects the support and cooperation of SIIL with the whole society through PSF and its successful activities.


Qatar Foundation for Elderly Care

QF for the Elderly Care’s mission is caring for the elderly and maintaining their social and moral rights. In addition, it institutionalizes the methodology of social support which is being provided for the elderly in Qatar. Salam International was pleased to donate funds to Qatar Foundation for Elderly Care and support its activities.

QF for Elderly Care held a special series of competitions in support of their cause. SIIL was delighted to sponsor the event by coming forward to offer prizes to the winners of the competitions. The contest was organized with the aim of increasing awareness and finding creative ways to honour the elderly among us. Using the media of photography, Powerpoint, short story, and drawing a large number of contestants took part in the competition and submitted their creations to a panel of judges. Salam International is always ready to support the community since social responsibility is something  SIIL deeply committed to and will continue to support the work of the Foundation for Elderly Care.


Qatar Red Crescent

Salam International expressed its utmost support to the people of Pakistan by donating a humanitarian relief package to them through the Qatar Red Crescent Society. The summer of 2010 produced Pakistan's worst flooding in 80 years. The devastation raised fears of further instability in the country. 20 million people, about one-ninth of the population, had been displaced by the disaster. Millions were left without food, shelter and clean water. With such scenarios being the background, SIIL did not hesitate to extend the maximum support to join hands with Qatar Red Crescent and reach out to the people of the struggling nation.

Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs

Salam international is grateful to extend its support by sponsoring the Rehabilitation International a generous amount for helping the elderly and the disabled, as well as all community initiatives in Qatar on their General Assembly. Rehabilitation International is one of the largest and most active organizations in the field, working hand in hand with all stake holders in promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and/or health problems, through means including advocacy, and rehabilitation to achieve an inclusive world where all people can enjoy active participation and full human rights.


Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities

Salam International was proud for the contribution and support it extended to the charity bazaar organized by Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities, under the kind patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Leena Bint Nasser Bin Khalid Al Thani. The organization’s objective is to raise funds for cancer treatment at Al Amal Hospital, as well as treatment of some other serious diseases. Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities mission will always motivate SIIL to further our initiatives, serving our community and beloved country.


Qatar National Day

Salam International was delighted to come forward as a platinum sponsor for Qatar’s National Day Celebrations. As a company born on this soil, SIIL takes immense pride in the successes and achievements of Qatar. We believe in the aspirations of Qatar and have every intention of participating and supporting its growth as it transforms itself into one of the world’s leading and respected economic, educational, technological, sport, tourism and cultural hubs. SIIL looks on Qatar National Day as an occasion to celebrate this land’s achievements and affirm its commitment to march into the future with confidence. One common objective we share with Qatar is to use the best available technologies in service of whatever we aspire to achieve. Hence, it was a pleasure for us to sponsor a unique, innovative, first of its kind technology solution to assist every member of the public who was intent on commemorating Qatar’s National Day by participating in a myriad of activities. SIIL worked with one of our own companies, ADabisc, who exclusively designed and developed a versatile software application. SIIL was truly happy to have offered an inspiring, technology driven solution, which pived up to this challenge and enabled many people to join in the celebrations with ease.



Salam International was pleased to be the exclusive sponsor of the photographic encyclopedia DOHArama, a unique work of art documenting Doha's heritage of giving; peace and economical, social and cultural development.

Sponsoring this work was a gesture to honor the heritage of the founder of Salam International, late Mohammed Abdul Salam Abu Issa, who is considered one of the pioneers of photography in the State of Qatar. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Salam Abu Issa introduced photography technology by bringing it into this nation. He took it upon himself to document the indigenous and impulsive nature of life by recording its developments, progress and cultural and urban renaissance, and participating in it as a photographer and as a developer. SIIL takes special pride in the fact that even after decades have passed, through the ongoing art of photography, our founder’s vision lives on.

Being recognized as an entity that constantly interacts in the fields of Qatar’s economy and in the life of Qatar’s society, SIIL felt the need to come forward and support the festivities of Doha as the Capital of Arab Culture. We were very happy to sponsor some of its activities, of which DOHArama, Maher Attar’s book, is an important part. Maher’s work has shown the modernity as well as the traditions of Doha as a City, and drawn an accurate picture of the twinning between traditions and modernity that encapsulates sustainable progress and a prosperous future. In spite of the contrasting colours and spacing of time, Doha’s old and new photos are linked across time to recount the story of evolution, transformation and success. That story resonates with the long and continuous history of Salam International over sixty years of growth in this nation.



The NCD-blindness prevention unit of the department of public health

Salam International was delighted to be part of a CSR initiative to celebrate Qatar National Day. SIIL wholeheartedly supported The NCD-Blindness Prevention Unit of the Department of Public Health who held a medical camp for labourers. The camp targeted low income labourers and more than 750 were screened at the day-long event. The free medical camp was organized on Qatar National Day by FOCUS Qatar, an expatriate Indian Youth Organization. The camp was held under the patronage of the Supreme Council of Health in association and sponsored by SIIL. Doctors from occupational health and NCD section gave informative lectures on preventive labour health and occupational safety.



Reach Out To Asia (ROTA)

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) is a Qatari non-governmental organization founded in November 2005 under the auspices of the heir apparent, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Guided by its Chairperson, Her Excellency Sheikha Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani, ROTA operates within the framework of Qatar Foundation.

SIIL was pleasured to partner a ROTA fundraising event in support of Gaza. SIIL handed over a sum of donation which was raised via the voluntary contributions made by SIIL members of staff who chose to be part of a “Donate a day’s pay campaign”.  Salam International greatly values the efforts of ROTA and considers it a privilege to partner ROTA in some of its outreach initiative.


Al Noor Institute for the Blinds

The Al Noor Institute for the Blind caters to more than 300 visually impaired students, the institute is not just for Qatari nationals, Muslims or Arabs; it is meant to provide services to all humans suffering from this disability

Salam International was pleased to support an event held at Al Noor Institute. SIIL is proud to see the children perform on stage, celebrate their talent and deeply touched by them.

Al Amal Hospital Breast Cancer Workshop

Al Amal Hospital (AAH) under the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) had its first cancer conference. The event held on February and took place at the Sheraton Doha with the attendance of 300 participants. Al Amal, one of the five hospitals under HMC, is the only cancer centre in Qatar and offers all necessary medical services, including radiotherapy. A special workshop on breast cancer was held which was sponsored by Salam International. Brochures were printed and door hangers with illustrated instructions on how to check for breast cancer were distributed to the participants. SIIL was delighted to support health initiatives in Qatar.


Qatar Red Crescent

Qatar Red Crescent Society along with Salam International was able to raise funds for medical relief to Gaza. The Qatar Crescent medical team supervised the treatment of 70 injured people along with their families and companions. The Qatar Red Crescent with the Palestinian Red Crescent participated in Blood donation campaign in the West Bank to support Gaza’s hospitals. The Qatar Red Crescent brought 5 ambulances to Gaza and its envoys are involved on the ground in logistics efforts.


Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs

The Qatar Society for Rehabilitation and Special Needs is a non-government funded organization that primarily provides integrated care for children and young adults with special needs and disabilities. Its objectives are numerous and diverse, depending on the requirements of the individual, and the centre welcomes all abilities.

Salam International donated funds for Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs. The funds will purchase the items that will provide medical assistance for the visually and physically impaired.


Qatar Charity

Qatar Charity (QC) is a non-government organization which was established in 1992 in order to support the Qatari society and other needy communities abroad. Its mission is to support the abilities of the most needy groups to fulfil human dignity and social justice in cooperation with partners. Its vision is to be an example, a pioneering, distinguished Islamic institution which combines originality, creativity and professionalism in the field of humanitarian aid and development.

Salam International donated funds to Qatar Charity in aid to the basic necessities of the homeless and displaced victims of Gaza. Foods and medicines were provided as an urgent action to alleviate the worsening situation so as not to leave the Gaza Strip along in the face of humanitarian crisis. Qatar Charity launched its “Fazaa (help) of Qatar’s people for the relief of Gaza” to show our society’s characteristics of generosity, and willingness to help those in need.



Supreme Council for Family Affairs Conference

An event where Mr. Hussam Abu Issa was invited in the participation for the support of the event which is “Satellite Communication and Ethical Youth Challenges”. SIIL participated by supplying media centre supplies to the said event.


Intilaaqah Qatar

Intilaaqah Qatar, a wide ranging entrepreneurial development programme for Qatari youth was initiated in 2006, with Salam International as one of the 6 sponsors.

In 2007, Intilaaqah Qatar organised a programme under the title “Launch Your Ambition” helping young nationals to explore business start-ups as a viable career choice by assisting them to acquire the necessary skills to be successful entrepreneurs.

They have also conducted a few “Bright Ideas” sessions and they are progressing steadily forward. The other partners in this educational endeavour are Qatar Shell, The Social Development Center, College of North Atlantic Qatar, Microsoft and HSBC.


MILIPOL Qatar Exhibition 2008 - International Exhibition of Internal State Security

Under the patronage of H.H. Shk. Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, MILIPOL 2008 was held in Doha and Salam International was named as a sponsor. SIIL has been sponsoring MILIPOL events as early as 1998 and has continued to provide the necessary support and commitments by setting up the media center for the event.

Milipol Qatar’s major success was also given to the exhibitors, 4000 visitors, specialists and 24 delegations from sisterly and friendly countries who attended the event and 2 symposiums which were conducted as a part of the exhibition.


AIESEC Gulf Talent Conference

Salam International sponsored AIESEC Qatar conference with the theme “Sustainable Youth for the Gulf”. The three day forum aimed at developing skills, building competencies and tackling key issues facing youth in the region.

The event was attended by business leaders and talented young individuals who shared ideas about Talent Development in the Middle East and increased awareness about the current state of the Gulf Market. The Gulf conference represents an opportunity for corporate and non corporate organizations to access the future leadership within the Gulf, develop a positive employer brand; access the opinions of this key market, and help enable these high potential youths to become responsible future leaders with their communities.



Childhood Cultural Center (CCC)

SIIL was pleased to support a pioneering international conference titled: “Children between the mother tongue and communication with the times”. The conference was organized by The Childhood Cultural Centre (CCC) of Qatar. Reaching across borders in the region, CCC worked in cooperation with the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood in Egypt. The work was accomplished under the patronage of the wife of His Highness the Emir of Qatar. Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al- Misnad is the Chairperson of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, and the founder of the Childhood Cultural Center. The conference was held from the 21st to 23rd of February 2007.

SIIL was delighted to support the Childhood Cultural Centre in their efforts to study modern methods for children’s education. CCC’s work aims to expand children’s abilities and skills to enable them to communicate better with other people and ensure better integration with the community. These are values that SIIL wholeheartedly believes in.


Social Development Center

SIIL donated QR1 million as a contribution to the Social Development Centre’s (SDC) Al Birr Residential Compound project. It is part of the company’s mission to support the social activities and raise public awareness on the significance of such social initiatives. Salam would like to convey a message to the whole society about the necessity of partnership between companies and the community where they operate. The Al Birr Residential Compound, an endowment project, is one of the leading projects whose proceeds will be directed toward financing other social projects and services provided by the SDC which functions under the aegis of Qatar Foundation.

Intilaaqah Qatar

Intilaaqah Qatar, a wide-ranging entrepreneurial development program for Qatari youth was initiated in 2006, with Salam International as one of 6 sponsors. In 2007, Intilaaqah Qatar organized programs titled “Launch Your Ambition” in April and May to help young nationals explore business start-ups as a viable career choice by assisting them in acquiring the necessary skills to be successful entrepreneurs. The other partners in this educational endeavour are Qatar Shell, the Social Development Center, College of the North Atlantic Qatar, Microsoft, and HSBC.



Spirit of Empowerment Sponsorship

Spirit of Empowerment, a 1-day interactive conference held in Qatar was sponsored by Folio, a company established by Salam International. It was the result of two years research and study in order to establish the issues that women face in this region, at a grass-roots level. With the backing of Qatar Foundation and Pearl Qatar, Spirit of Empowerment was realized with other sponsors including CNBC and BBC World. The objectives of Spirit of Empowerment were to raise the awareness of women’s issues and the challenges that are apparent in the region; to examine the issues and through hands-on experiences demonstrate how to meet the challenges and become empowered.





Intilaaqah Qatar

Intilaaqah Qatar is a wide-ranging entrepreneurial development program for Qatari youth. Intilaaqah was launched by its Chairperson HE Sheikha Hessa Bint Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani in late May 2006 and we have been delighted to support it and share its mission. Intilaaqah Qatar is a non profit, social investment program that will help young nationals to explore business start-up as a viable career choice by assisting them in acquiring the necessary skills to be successful entrepreneurs. The other partners in this educational endeavour are Qatar Shell, the Social Development Center, College of the North Atlantic Qatar, Microsoft, and HSBC.


Hamad Medical Corporation

We have been partners with the Hamad Medical Corporation in their Organ Donation drive and signed up for a full-year awareness campaign that was launched at the end of 2005. The campaign included various road shows at many public places in Qatar, donor agreements signed with various federations, awareness seminars targeting different groups of individuals and an advertising campaign that enhanced the image of the Department on the whole and the critical issue of organ donation in particular.


“Women in the Development Journey” Book

Salam International sponsored the information gathering, production, and distribution of a hardback book titled “Women in the Development Journey” that cleverly depicts accomplishments of exquisite female Qatari figures in Qatar’s society. A detailed description of their numerous undertakings in supporting the further development of Qatar is cleverly displayed with an artist’s impression of these same Qatari women.


Milipol Qatar Exhibitions

Salam International has been an official sponsor of the Milipol Qatar Exhibitions since 1998. These biennial exhibitions occur alternately in France and Qatar with the most recent having just been concluded in May 2006.