Press Releases

05 April 2006

Inaugural Noors Fashion Show

The start of any journey begins with those first tentative steps. Sometimes these steps are in private but sometimes, they are bold and striking for the entire world to see. There will be more than a few bold steps taken on a catwalk in Doha on April 6, 2006, as two highly awarded Qatari Fashion Designers, Noor Hamad Al Thani and Noor Jassim Al Thani proudly show their haute couture creations, adorned on local and international models, to invited guests inside the newly re-designed Salam Plaza.

Noor Hamad’s designs exemplify elegant evening wear combining both traditional and modern styles while Noor Jassim’s designs are centered on color-rich Moroccan styles for the working woman.

This fashion show, unlike other shows organized in support of philanthropic causes, is a commercial show, and the first time Noor and Noor showcase their varied designs in Qatar, outside the realm of the VCU annual fashion shows, and where they are launching their commercial lines, tying into a new company that is being established with the support of Salam International.

This new company is going to be a vehicle for Qatari women to experience the world of business in the private sector, whilst encouraging design in all its forms.

The show will be another first for Salam International and for Noor and Noor too, starting on the road less traveled - together.