Press Releases

15 November 2005

QU Business & Economics Students Receive Excellence Award by SIIL

As part of their policy of continuous support to the educational development in Qatar, Salam International presented Excellence awards for two students from the Business & Economics College at Qatar University.

The awards which consisted of scholarships at the university were granted during an awards ceremony that took place at Qatar University today and which was attended by Dr. Sheikha Abdullah Al Masnad, President of Qatar University, Dr. Mohammed Khalil Al Najdawi, Dean of the college of Business & Economics at the University, Mr. Hussam Abdul Salam Abu Issa, Vice Chairman & COO of Salam International and other attendees among which the award-winning students, faculty and members of the local press.

Dr. Sheikha Al Masnad and Dr. Al Najdawi both welcomed the attendees and thanked Salam International for their keen support to the university and more specifically to the college of Business & Economics. Dr. Sheikha said: “I would like to thank Salam International for their keen support, they have proved to be excellent and dedicated partners to the university”.

Dr. Al Najdawi congratulated the students for their excellent academic performance and encouraged them to continue on that same path. In return, Mr. Abu Issa was pleased to honor the awarded students and said: “Honoring those excellent students is part of the economic change we are undergoing. Salam which started as a family business of 50 Million Qrs capital merged with Salam International and has since increased its capital, with the most recent merger taking the capital to more than 800 Million Qrs.”.

“With this economic development” added Abu Issa, “we are expanding to most of the Arab countries. We will therefore need to find young talents in the fields of business who might become leaders and help our business, and that of others in the private sector, in their evolution”.

The two awards certificates were presented by Abu Issa to the fortunate students with the highest GPA at the female and male sections of the college: student Hala Issam Ismail majoring in Banking & Finance and student Mohammed Saleh Ali Al Baheli majoring in Accounting.

Abu Issa reminded attendees that this award was decided last year during the “professional day” organized by Qatar University and exclusively sponsored by Salam International and it will be the first step among a series of awards that will prospectively be given to Qatar University students adding potentially other colleges such as Engineering and Journalism.
Hala Ismail was proud to receive the female academic excellence award and gave a tip of excellence to all students: “It is important to have a goal and this is what helped me excel, a lot of effort should be made and obstacles we meet should only make us stronger”.

Mohamed Al Baheli who received the male excellence award also emphasized the role of the university in providing the suitable environment, the parents in their support and finally the effort to be made by the student. He added: “We thank Salam International for their valued initiative and hope that other private companies will follow suit”.

On their views of the educational boom taking place in Qatar, Abu Issa commented: “The country is giving excellent and great investment in education which should have been made long before. We are willing to support Qatar University and other educational institutions to contribute in this development”. As for Dr. Najdawi he commented: “I am a strong believer in the market economy and educational system that relates to the market needs and the current education boom is in line with our thinking. “

A fruitful strategic and business relationship is foreseen between Salam International and Qatar University as a memo of understanding has been signed between the two institutions. Scholarships and internships and just the beginning of what the university is trying to supply to its students from Salam and other companies as well.

Dr. Najdawi was proud to see the reform plan of Qatar University, of which they are champions, reflecting on the students’ performance. The notably dignified strategy at the college of Business & Economic was the focus on the student as the core element, and his needs as the base for any future plans.