Press Releases

11 November 2003

Salam International Announces a New Era by Launching its New Corporate Identity:

Salam International Investment Limited launched its new corporate identity in an exclusive ceremony yesterday.
The new identity aims to reflect the changes and developments that the company has recently undertaken to transform itself from “what was essentially a family run company into a modern corporation with all that that entails”.  

On the occasion, Mr. Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa, Chairman, has expressed his confidence that the direction the company is heading in will help it achieve sustained and profitable growth, develop its human capital, add value to its shareholders and customers and support the community. On the other hand, he asserted that Salam International “should and will retain its family essence but within the framework of a modern, results-driven organisation”.

Salam International has enlisted the help of some world-class international consultants to assist in formulating and implementing the cornerstones of a development strategy. This development strategy has led to a restructuring of the company’s hierarchical structure and the companying of its business units into nine different divisions each with its own strategies, budgets and goals. It will also lead to the merging of Salam Group under the Salam International umbrella and bringing the company’s retail activities under the new ‘Consumer Products’ division.

In the process, the company has developed an integrated IT strategy and a new Human Development department to oversee the improvement of human capital and to make sure that employees achieve their maximum potential as productive members of the company.

Salam’s newly launched identity is a reflection of these developments, an encapsulation of the company’s values and philosophies, and above all an expression of its history and its legacy.

The use of calligraphy represents the company’s strong heritage and tradition. The calligraphy style is a modernized version of traditional Diwani whereby the curved chain-like lines reflect the unity and interconnectedness of the various ventures of Salam, and the dynamism of these moving lines implies the progression, development and growth that the company has undertaken.   

Mr. Abu Issa expressed his conviction that “the coming years will see Salam International strengthen its positions in its local markets and expand regionally”. The future will witness great changes for Salam International Investment Limited, and with its new corporate identity, the company is prepared to enter this new era of its development with a modern and authentic new image.