Press Releases

20 February 2005

Salam International Employees Attend First Aid Training

Twenty-seven employees from different divisions of Salam International attended a Complete First Aid Training Course conducted by Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) International Training Center last month.

The training was conducted over a two-day period and covered informative and practical lessons in basic life support, CPR, accident and industrial first aid. Internationally-recognized course certificates were awarded to the participants upon the successful conclusion of the course. Employees from Salam International’s Construction & Development Sector, Energy & Industry Sector and Information Technology & Communications Sector participated in the training project which was initiated by the Corporate Human Resources Department.      

“The training course was initiated by the Corporate Human Resources Department and is a part of Salam International’s commitment to put safety as one of its priorities in its various activities,” Mr. Suleiman Al-Khateeb, Executive Director Corporate Human Resources said upon the conclusion of the course.

HMC International Training Center is headed by Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Musleh, Chairman of Emergency & EMS / International Training Center. The trainers were headed by Dr. Baha Al Khalout, Director of Public Medical Education Program of HMC.