Press Releases

24 November 2006

Salam international investments limited Website: redesigned, enhanced and back online

Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) proudly announced that its new, redesigned and enhanced website has now gone live.

Several new online features and the cascading of newsworthy information of interest are the hallmarks of the re-launched site. New and returning customers will notice that, as always, SIIL is living out its commitment to provide superior services to its shareholders and the community. Recognizing today’s need for increasingly ‘e-enabled’ services, SIIL has treated visitors to improved eCommerce functionalities on the site in the likes of offering direct access to Doha Stock Market quotes.

Through the new Investor Relations section, SIIL shareholders have been given their own dedicated area on the site, covering any and every question that is likely to spring up in their minds. The financial information related to the company has also been placed online for quick reference and efficient dissemination.

Those looking for information on SIIL and its business sectors of Energy and Industry, Construction and Development, Technology and Communications, Luxury and Consumer Products, Investments and Real Estate have been offered useful information via separate segments focusing on each sector.

As an organization who is parent to more than 20 subsidiary companies, SIIL has done well to represent each business unit on the site and share information of interest to those accessing the site. Whether you are a regular visitor or someone who is just passing through, the fresh look and feel of the new site enables a pleasant surfing experience, which carries news highlights and information, enhanced by an efficient navigation structure and pleasant design.

The now live SIIL site can be accessed at