Press Releases

25 March 2005

Salam International Unveils New Branding for Subsidiaries

Salam International owns different businesses and investments. Being in the business of acquisitions and among the diversity of the business activities performed by its business units, the brand needed to serve different areas. The task was to establish its own image, brand vision, mission and position as an investment company, at the same time establish a platform for the different business units where each company or business unit can distinguish itself from its competitors and preserve it is own brand platform that would be utilized to carry on marketing activities and achieve growth.

The exercise was developed through three major phases.

Phase one, creating the Salam International brand (The mother brand) as an investment company. This phase of the project was concerned with developing a new name and visual identity for the company. In order to do this, the brand managers needed to achieve alignment between brand promise and brand delivery, the new graphic identity will become “visual shorthand” for stakeholders that this is a company that does indeed “walk the talk”.

First the brand platform was developed after intense research and thorough interview sessions. The brand platform was evaluated against the following criteria: relevant, credible, reinforcing, aspirational, and differentiating. The principles were later defined as those unchanging tenets that govern how the company operates and which were: imagination, integrity, mutuality, transparency, and corporate and individual responsibility. Next, naming criteria was set into place and a decision was made to shorten the name of the company to “Salam International.” Core attributes such as modernity, progress, international quality, clarity, imagination and connectedness were to be communicated through the visual identity.

Salam International’s new identity is a reflection of the company’s values and an encapsulation of the changes and developments that company witnessed in recent years. The use of calligraphy represented the company’s strong heritage and tradition as one of the region’s most established corporate entities. The calligraphic element writes the word “Al Salam” in Arabic, in a modernized almost abstract version of traditional Diwani calligraphy. The curved chain-like lines reflect the unity and interconnectedness of the various ventures of Salam, while the dynamism of these moving lines implies progression, development and growth. The colors were kept in black and white to retain an authentic calligraphic feel of using ink and to emphasize an official corporate tone. The overall structure of the logo reflects solidity, unity, credibility, and consistency.

Phase two, Mono or Brand? The solution - the identifier icon was inspired from the mother brand and utilized elements stimulated from the function or business nature of each particular business unit. Furthermore, to secure a more consistent look yet personalized nature, the type face was unified for all the units. The result - as soon as you look at any of the visual identities you realize that they are a part of Salam International with its own identity.

Phase three, where each business unit is developing its own brand platform that falls within the wide space that the mother brand offers. This is where the brand essence, position and USP’s of each of the business units will be communicated to their respective target markets. This phase begins with additional research regarding the individual business unit’s marketing activities and where the vision and mission are redefined. A clear brand position is then to be identified followed by the design of corporate communications templates and public communications material to coincide with each business units’ newly designed color pallet, typography and visual identity.

In conclusion, it is strongly believed that any business is a brand, whether it is good or bad. Therefore, Salam has carefully defined each of its brands and their promise and our marketing and communications is planned based on how our brands should fulfill their promises and grow.