Press Releases

09 July 2003

Salam Management Forum VII:

Salam International Investment Limited recently concluded a full-day seminar branded “Salam Management Forum VII” at the Hotel Intercontinental Doha, assembling members of the Board of Directors, strategic consultants and senior management from all its various operations in the Gulf countries to discuss and review the change management program the company is undertaking including the findings of the First Phase of the SIIL Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Assessment Project

Salam International is a Qatari publicly shared company that took a landmark decision in 2001 to merge with a group of private companies currently operating in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Since the merge, Salam International has announced a massive two-year program at revamping the company and has retained the services of Bain & Company, an international management consultancy firm, to assist it in its revamp drive – "Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Assessment". This is one of a series of projects that compose the change management program at SIIL, where renowned international consultants have been selected for the different projects.

The Salam Management Forum is a concept created in an effort to launch a new way of thinking and managing with regards to directing management strategies and exchanging of ideas within SIIL. The forum focuses on reviewing topics impacting current trends and factors affecting business in the Pan Arab market in addition to internal development.

Mr. Issa Abu Issa, Chairman of Salam International Investment Ltd., presided over the forum which focused on Salam's historical performance, current portfolio characteristics and future outlook in Qatar and the Arab world. An assessment of the portfolio, strategies, organization and external environment was made which led to a compilation of key imperatives and requirements. Furthermore, an evaluation of strategic growth scenarios and assessment of the requirements to support profitable growth in the region was made.

Mr. Issa Abu Issa concluded that "Salam International is currently undertaking major long-term transformations; these changes started with shaking up thinking, self-criticism, revisiting and internally discussing existing business units' vision and systems and hereafter implementing the various recommendations with regards to strategy, policies and procedures, IT and branding to become the most successful public shareholding, family-culture company."