Press Releases

10 November 2002

“Salam Management Forums” – A New Concept Uniting Senior Management

Salam International Investment Limited recently concluded two full-day seminars branded “Salam Management Forum 1 & 2” at the Hotel Intercontinental Doha, assembling senior management from all its various operations in the Gulf countries to discuss and review long-term business plans and future strategies.

Salam International Investment Limited is a Qatari publicly shared company with a capital of 243 million Qatari Riyals that recently took a landmark decision to merge with a group of private companies currently operating in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The Salam Management Forums are a new concept implemented to focus on reviewing topics impacting current trends and factors affecting business in the Pan Arab market. They were created in an effort to launch a new way of thinking and managing with regards to directing management strategies and exchanging of ideas.

Salam Management Forum 1, held in late October, discussed the need for change due to the surrounding circumstances specifically the: recent merger, corporate approach to business, international and local competition, and regional and local economy’s expected growth. In summary, corporate management’s focus is to ensure streamline collective and cooperative thinking, added values offered to customers, increased lines of business, and vertical expansion.

Mr. Issa Abu Issa, Chairman of Salam International Investment Ltd., gave the opening speech which circulated around the objectives of this new way of thinking whereby Salam International should capitalize on its strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Abu Issa said “the business leaders should address how to refine practices, enhance positive approaches, and meet the challenges being faced by means of training and developing the management and networking this knowledge, both upstream and downstream.”

Salam Management Forum 2, held in mid November, reviewed expansion and growth strategies both short and long term for all Salam’s operations in their many diverse fields. All operations presented a detailed review of their five year business plans including an in-depth evaluation of: the nature of the business; the market status with regards to market share, market trends and competition; any expansion/growth strategy plans; and SWOT analysis.

Mr. Hussam Abu Issa, Vice Chairman of Salam International Investment Ltd., stated that “based on our distinct structure we can define where we are heading in the coming five years so we can plan expansion in terms of personnel, equipment, investments, lines of business and geographical scope.”

In conclusion, this is a new beginning to a structured and planned system whereby senior management can evaluate and manage the indispensable exchange of information.