Press Releases

02 August 2009

Press release on Semi-Annual Financial Statements 02/08/2009

1. Semi-Annual Financial Statements:

The Board of Directors of Salam International Limited (SIIL) held its ordinary 66th meeting on Sunday 2/08/2009. The BOD approved the semi-annual consolidated financial statements of the company for the period ended 30/06/2009, which showed a net profit of around QR 64,4 million compared to a net profit of around QR 97,8 million for the same period in 2008. Consequently, Earnings per share amount to QR 0.64.

The company will convene analytical meeting to discuss the mentioned financial statements on 11/08/2009, where all the investors, journalists & interested parties' inquiries will be clarified and answered.

2. Gncrease SIIL’s share in SBD:

Based on General Assembly (GA) approval to increase SIIL’s shareholding in Salam Bounian Development (SBD) up to 50% of SBD’s capital, the BOD approved the increase of SIIL’s shareholding in SBD by 4,309,946 shares.

Dr. Adnan Steitieh
Board of Directors Secretary


This text has been translated from its Arabic original
equivalent, which remains the official version.