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  • Are there any quarter or bi-annual profits?

    There are only yearly profits, according to the Board of Directors suggestion, as approved by the General Assembly on profits Proportion.

  • When can the shareholder access his/her profits?

    After last trading day has closed, prior to General Assembly Meeting, or according to the Board of Directors suggestions, which are approved by the General Assembly.

  • When are the profits are distributed?

    As per the General Assembly approval.

  • Where are Salam shares being traded?

    Salam shares are traded at the Doha Securities Market, and the Dubai Financial Market.

  • When is the General Assembly Meeting usually held?

    During the first four months of the new financial year.

  • What procedures are followed for share trading at the Dubai Financial Market and the Doha Securities Market?

    The procedures are as follows:

    • The process of buying and selling shares is done exclusively through one of the markets. Salam will not be involved with the selling or purchase of shares, on behalf of the shareholders or non-shareholders.
    • •    The shareholders who want to either sell or purchase shares needs to complete the documentation necessary for the selling or purchasing of original shares depending on their requirement. The documentation must include the name of the shareholder, the number of shares he/she wants to sell or purchase, the price of buying or selling, and the name of the company he/she wants to sell/ purchase, and the order must be signed.
    • If the shareholder wants to sell, he/she needs to show his/her account number and the bank he/she is dealing with, in order to transfer the net value of the shares being sold, to the mentioned account. (It is necessary that the shareholder's signature be confirmed by the bank he/she is dealing with).
    • The order of selling or buying is sent after completing the forms, signing, and signature ratification, attached with ID or passport copy, to an accredited brokerage company in one of the two markets. For more information on the approved brokerage companies, please visit:

    Doha Securities website: http://www2.dsm.com.qa
    Dubai Financial Market website: http://www2.dfm.ae

    After the completion of the documentation, the sale process is carried out according to the rate as at the sale date; this rate is determined by supply and demand. After the deduction of mediator commission and financial market commission from sale value, the mediator will transfer the net sale value of the shares to the shareholder account, indicated in the order of sale, and the shareholder seller will pay transfer fees. Note that there is a high and low specific rate in each market.

    The timing of shares dealing at the Doha Securities Market is: 9:00 to 11:30 am, Sunday to Thursday, and at the Dubai Financial market: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Saturday to Thursday, except on official holidays in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

  • How will someone know the SIIL financial statements?

    You can visit www.salaminternational.com or the Doha Securities Market website.

  • When were Salam International shares put up for dealing at the Doha Securities Market?

    In 1999. The shares were put up at the Dubai Financial Market on 11/7/2006.

  • Who are the company's auditors for accounts?

    The General Assembly appoints the company's auditors for accounts for a period of one year, and may re-appoint the person again, provided that is does not exceed a period of five years of continuous recruitment. The appointed auditor has to be registered in the ministry.

  • How can I inquire and get more information?

    Contact numbers:
    +974 4833542, +974 4830439
    Fax: +974 4833576

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