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  • When are the financial statements announced?

    The company disseminates the following financial statements reports during the mentioned periods:

    • Financial statements for the first quarter: to be announced and disseminated in three weeks following the end of the first quarter of the year.
    • Financial statements for the second quarter (bi-annual): to be announced and disseminated in 45 days followed by the end of 6 months of the relevant year.
    • Financial statements for the third quarter: to be announced and disseminated in the three weeks following the end of third quarter of the year.
    • Financial statements for the forth quarter (final statements): to be announced and disseminated in 3 months following the end of the relevant year.
  • Has it been indivisible shares before?

    Shares division is not the system that Doha Securities Market works with.


  • When does the financial year of SIIL end?

    On the 31st of December of each year.

  • What is the proper time to sell or buy?

    The company is not allowed to provide advice or recommendations on the process of buying or selling, ask your financial consultant or your mediator in the market.

  • What is Salam code at the Doha Securities Market, and the Dubai Financial Market?

    The Salam International code at the Doha Securities Market is: (SIIS), and at the Dubai Financial Market is: (SALAM).

  • Are there certificates of shares?

    No certificate will be issued for shares, as the shares restricted to the records of the Doha Securities Market, where could request a shareholder account, which considered a formal document.

  • What are companies owned by SIIL?

    Salam International owns 100% of the following companies:

    •    Salam Industries – Qatar.
    •    Salam Media Cast – Qatar.
    •    Qatar Gardens - a branch of the International Trading & Contracting Company – Qatar.
    •    Salam IT Services – a branch of Omnix Qatar – Qatar.
    •    Stream Industrial & Engineering – Qatar.
    •    Alu Nasa – Qatar.
    •    Omnix Qatar – Qatar.
    •    International Trading & Contracting Company – Qatar.
    •    Gulf industries refrigeration & Catering – Qatar.
    •    Salam Petroleum Services - Qatar.
    •    Salam Enterprises – UAE.
    •    Atelier 21- UAE.
    •    Salam Media Cast – UAE.
    •    Salam Enterprises a branch of International Trading & Contracting Company – Qatar.
    •    Modern Decoration – UAE.
    •    Salam Studio & Stores – Qatar.
    •    Salam Studio & Stores – UAE.
    •    Salam Studio & Stores – Oman.
    •    Salam Arabia Trading Est – Kuwait.
    •    Salam Trading Enterprises – Jordan.
    •    Marketing Middle East – UAE.

    In addition, Salam has many direct investments and corporate enterprises in many Arab countries such as: 1. Jordan, 2. UAE, 3. Palestine, 4. Saudi Arabia, 5. Oman.

    Salam also owns 37% of Salam Bounian development's Capital.

  • What are the conditions for council membership?

    He must be at least 21 years old.
    He must not have been convicted of any criminal penalty or dishonest or in the Secretariat of the crimes referred to in Articles (324), (325) of Law No. (5) Of 2002 (Business Companies Law).
    He must own at least (10.000) ten thousand shares of the company's shares.
    There should not be any violation of the provisions of the article (97) of Law No. (5) of 2002 (Business Companies Law).

    Appointed members:
    Everyone owns a rate of (10%) of the company's shares, has the right to be a member of the company's board, or to appoint a representative of him, although if he was not on of the shareholders.
    Everyone has multipliers of the percentage (10%) of the company's shares; he has the right to appoint his representative in the membership of the Council, even if he was not one of the shareholders, as (10%) of the company's shares for each appointed person. Including the owner.

  • What is the overall company's strategy?

    Salam International aims to become one of the most successful diversified public-shareholding companies in the Middle East, an inspiring example for regional family groups.

    It will measure its success by the ability to:

    • Achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
    • Create long-term value for its shareholders.
    • Be the preferred partner of its customers and suppliers.
    • Develop people and the communities in which it operates.

    It will achieve its vision by continuously adding to its historical strength and values:

    • Nurturing a performance culture throughout the group, where managers think and behave as entrepreneurs.
    • Seizing strategic growth opportunities in the existing core business and through mergers and acquisitions.
    • Setting the Salam standards for quality and service excellence in all Group activities.
    • Managing business with integrity and transparency.
  • Who are Board Of Directors' members?

    Board Of Directors' members for the years 2006 - 2009 are:

    1.    Mr. Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa, Chairman.
    2.    Mr. Hussam Abdul Salam Abu Issa, Vice Chairman.
    3.    Dr. Hamad Abdulaziz Al-Kawari, member.
    4.    Sheikh Hassan Bin Sultan Al-Thani representing Abraj Real Estate Development Company, member.
    5.    Mr. Hani Abdul Qader Al Qady representing Palestine Investment Bank, member.
    6.    Sheikh Nawaf Bin Nasser Al-Thani representing Doha Insurance Company, member.
    7.    Mr. Adel Abdulrahman Al Mannai, member.
    8.    Mr. Mohammed Khaled Al Mana, member.
    9.    Mr. Mustafa Khalil Miqdady, member.
    10.    Mr. Nasser Suleiman Haidar, member.
    11.    Mr. Bassam Abdul Salam Abu Issa, member.
    12.    Dr. Adnan Ali Steitieh, Secretary to the Board.

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