On behalf of everyone at Salam International Investments Limited (SIIL), it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website, which has been designed as an information portal and an interactive space for all of our stakeholders – our partners, investors, customers and anyone interested in finding out more about our company.

CEO Issa Abu Issa

As the Chairman of a successful entrepreneurial family business, one that has transformed itself and evolved to become a thriving family of businesses, I take great pleasure in introducing you to the backbone of SIIL – its people. Together every single one of our employees forms an integral part of a highly dedicated team.

Each individual staff member makes an invaluable contribution to the performance and success of Salam as a whole. Supported by world-class resources and advanced technologies, our people apply only the highest caliber of expertise and skills, offering top notch solutions and services at every level, across all of our business activities.

Conservative yet progressive, as a company we have concentrated our efforts towards increasing shareholder value by adopting a forward-thinking strategy that focuses on sustainable and profitable growth. Overall, our people and our companies constantly pursue excellence in all aspects of our work, which we always approach with a deep sense of purpose and within a strong framework of morals and ethics.

We also take our corporate citizenship seriously. Through our structured initiatives, we are deeply committed to serving the communities in which we operate.

I sincerely hope that our website provides you with all of the information you require about SIIL – and also delivers the necessary insights into our unique and innovative approach to conducting business in the modern world.



As the Chief Executive Officer of Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL), I am honored to introduce you to our corporate website, built on the legacy of the company founded by my late grandfather, Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa.


What began as a core retail and distribution business, shaped by his relentlessly committed entrepreneurial vision, has grown into a successful diversified corporate entity, thanks to my grandfather’s diligence and foresight, as well as that of my father and uncles - the co-founders of Salam International – and the wisdom of our Board of Directors. And more importantly the contribution of our employees throughout the years.

During my previous tenure as Deputy Chief Operating Officer, I worked closely with all levels of management to understand the company’s potential and opportunities, as well as to identify and address risk factors. As CEO, my focus – and that of our executives and senior management – is to utilise these insights to move forward, forging and following a roadmap for SIIL that is resilient, innovative, and that creates and delivers sustainable value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Salam, after all, is a name that is synonymous with performance and quality. Ours is a solid record of managing high growth, from our inception as the entrepreneurial success story of my grandfather, to the massive leap made by the second generation, who spearheaded Salam’s expansion beyond its core business. This includes the decision to take the company public, and to diversify from retail into power and energy, contracting and trading, real estate, technology and investment activities.

It is our plan to build even further on this exceptionally strong foundation in the years to come. Operational excellence, scale management and optimum asset utilisation are the basis of our strategic initiatives to capitalise on opportunities and to provide strong, sustainable, long-term investments that prioritise shareholder returns. Based on my role as CEO, let me share in the most brief and concise manner the target I desire to set for the Company. Our primary goal as Salam's Management and as members of SIIL's family at every level is to create and deliver sustainable value to our shareholders and stakeholders. we need to focus on operational excellence. in the coming years, I firmly believe that the concept of "scale management" will rise in importance. and it will be applicable to us whether we are managing the scale of risk taking, managing the scale of investment appetite or managing the scale of new opportunities. 

Salam faces a compelling and exciting future, driven by our ethos of excellence. We will continue to maintain the impeccable reputation we have established, as well as our commitment to evolve and enhance relationships with our customers, suppliers, financial institutions, government and regulatory authorities, the communities in which we operate, and, of course, with our employees, who are at the beating heart of our company.

As a third-generation CEO of this family of businesses, I am immensely proud of and inspired by our company’s evolution. It has been a journey of ingenuity, agility, resilience and commitment, and, by remaining true to our values, mission and vision, we look forward to progress that will, God willing, see it pass the 100-year mark in business.

Mission and Vission



To fulfill our potential and continually evolve by creating value, growing our businesses through excellence.


SIIL aims to consistently promote growth and continued profitability through the effective deployment of capital resources and to develop corporate strategies that prioritise shareholder value. We strive to conduct our business activities in an ethical manner, to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, and to become a regional partner of choice for our suppliers. We remain committed to developing our people and serving the communities in which we operate.



Founded by Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa in 1952, Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) has evolved from humble roots as a small, family-run photographic retailer into a leading regional conglomerate. Building on a strong foundation created a discerning visionary, we are driven by a passion for excellence. We thrive on actively growing the company on behalf of our investors, employees and our community.

SIIL’s expertise across its different businesses enables us to deliver key solutions in the sectors and economies in which we operate. Throughout its evolution SIIL has established, incorporated or acquired several market-leading enterprises. These activities span a wide range of businesses, including in retail and distribution, technology, power and energy, contracting and trading and real estate.

The main force that propels SIIL forward is its people. Attracting, maintaining, developing and harnessing talent is one of our key objectives. The business is comprised of dedicated professionals, who are guided by the insights and knowledge inherited from our rich history of pioneering entrepreneurship and developed through over six decades of unwavering evolution. Our success is a direct result of their commitment and dedication.

Effectively listed in the Qatari Stock Exchange in 2002, SIIL is a financially conservative company, guided by deeply embedded shared values and with a disciplined and selective approach to investing in, managing and expanding its considerable assets. Our astute approach to business has enabled us to weather several economic downturns – and to seize lucrative opportunities during more favorable growth periods.

Always remaining true to our core identity, we strive to be the first to foresee the potential of prospective new businesses – and to recognize the abilities of our employees – and to be the best at developing and nurturing both of these. As a result, the SIIL boasts an impressive track record of founding innovative new enterprises and has earned a reputation as a home for fulfilled employees, exceptional performance, complete reliability and customer satisfaction.

Underpinning SIIL’s success is its broad-ranging yet unified approach to its business activities, which are horizontally, vertically and geographically diversified. Our primary aim is to create and deliver sustainable long-term value for all of our stakeholders. Led by an experienced and highly capable executive team, our focus is a carefully planned, results-driven corporate investment strategy, aimed at consistent growth and maximizing shareholder equity.

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In line with SIIL’s central philosophy of generating sustained growth and continued profitability, the central focus of the company’s Corporate Strategy is the effective management of the investment of its capital.

As one of SIIL’s key profit-generating streams, our investment portfolio is structured to generate multi-level protection for our shareholders through business diversification and geographical spread.

The SIIL Corporate Strategy takes into account current market economic conditions in its capital allocation, both within and outside of our own umbrella of companies. The Corporate Strategy adheres to a ‘Portfolio Investment Model’, which is aimed at maximizing shareholder value through direct and indirect investments.

Our direct portfolio takes the form of equity stakes in promising regional companies, while our indirect portfolio consists of broad-based equity shares in local, regional and international equity markets.

With limited involvement in the day-to-day management and operations of the company, Corporate Center treats SIIL as an investor and not as an operator. At its core, the SIIL Corporate Center acts in the best interests of our shareholders, who entrust the company’s executives to formulate and manage a Corporate Strategy that will fulfill the mission and vision.

Our Corporate Strategy is designed to set financial goals and to provide the company with the tools and support required to drive SIIL to achieve its revenue targets, as well as to enable SIIL Corporate Center invest or reinvest its capital wisely.


Hands of Five Businessman Holding Wooden Blocks


At SIIL, we are fortunate to be guided by an accomplished, dedicated and diverse Board of Directors, whose expertise and wisdom ensures that the company remains faithful to its shareholders.

Led by Chairman Issa AbdulSalam Abu Issa, Vice Chairman Hussam AbdulSalam Abu Issa, and Chief Executive Officer AbdulSalam Issa Abu Issa, our Board of Directors is comprised of executive and independent members with extensive experience across a wide range of business sectors.

The Board of Directors sets the key objectives for the business, and is reported to by the CEO. The CEO is reported to by a tier of trusted senior management executives who are responsible for achieving optimal performance across all of our functions and businesses respectively.

SIIL has adopted a progressive and modern approach to its corporate structure, which comprises two main components, the Corporate Center and the main business activities: Retail and Distribution, Contracting and Trading, Real Estate, and Investment. Overall, our investment strategy is 100% focused on building value for our investors.

Company Structure

Business Teamwork


70 Years Old

Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa founds Salam in 1952.

IPO: 1998

Salam becomes first family business in Qatar and GCC to go public in 1998 and completes all M&A activity by 2002, 2005.

4 Activities

Salam focuses on four main activities: Retail and Distribution, Contracting (incl. Technology, Energy, Interiors; contracting and fit-out), Real Estate, and Investment.


Salam employs approximately 4000 staff members across all of its companies.


Salam reached QAR 5.22 billion in assets in 2020.





1952 – 1982

Department store establishment and regional expansion

Mask-Group-11 Mask_Group_61

1983 – 2002

Diversification into conglomerate businesses


2002 – 2008

Initial Public Offering (IPO) and vertical and horizontal expansion of organisation

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2005 – 2017

Focus on real estate, digitization and the creation of critical mass in other businesses

Company Origins

The origins of the SIIL family of businesses run as deep and wide as the shifting sands of the Arabian desert. The company was founded as ‘Salam Studios’ by Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa, a photographer and aspiring businessman who at a very early age left his birthplace in Palestine to seek better opportunities in the Arabian Gulf.

Arriving to work on the oilfields outside Doha, Qatar in 1947, Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa brought with him one of the first cameras ever seen in the country. More importantly, he also carried with him an ingrained talent for capturing the essence of the land and the personality of its people on film in a unique and innovative way.

At the time photography was an entirely new concept in Qatar and his photographs attracted the imagination of Qataris to the highest levels. Legend has it this interested extended the then-Emir himself, HH Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani, who commissioned Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa take a series of portraits of the royal family and allowed him free reign to photograph much of the country.

The commercial history of Salam as an organization dates back to 1952 when Abdul Salam Abu Issa opened ‘Salam Studio’, the first photographic studio and film processing laboratory in Doha. In 1954, he then converted the adjoining restaurant into a gift shop, renaming the combined establishment, ‘Salam Studio & Stores’.

From there the business flourished, expanding and evolving into the successful company we see today – Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL). While a thriving and progressive multinational corporation, the company has never forgotten its humble origins, forged as a family business, one built on the passion, integrity and old-fashioned hard work of Abdul Salam Mohammed Abu Issa and the generations to follow.